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As I have searched for my ancestors,
Through the antiquity of time,
And the ashes of the past,
I have felt as though I were tending a garden-
-a garden not overgrown with weeds and debris,
But one overgrown with darkness and oblivion.

Each time I find,
A new, old ancestor,
It is like bringing rain and sunshine to a seed-
-a seed not yet dead,
But one that has lain dormant
In the dusty, dark domain of the past,
Lo, these many years.

I delight in my digging.
I am awed,
As I watch the seed germinate and grow
Into the full daylight of the present.

It blooms and flowers more fully,
With its milti-colored, pastel petals
From both the past, and now the present,
Struggling into the future.

Never again to be forgotten,
Never again to be lost,
Never again to be drowned
In the deep, wind-wrought waters
Of Lethe's River.