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Tyler, Smith, Texas


City/Town : Latitude: 32.34663, Longitude: -95.300644


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BUCKELEW Saundra Kay  18 Mar 1949Tyler, Smith, Texas I10352 THARP 
2 CRAWFORD Claudia Faye Hogue  12 Jun 1949Tyler, Smith, Texas I0643 THARP 
3 CURRY Emma Louise  29 Apr 1934Tyler, Smith, Texas I3860 THARP 
4 ELLIS Golden Holmes  Tyler, Smith, Texas I3949 THARP 
5 ELROD Dyanne Thomas  16 Oct 1947Tyler, Smith, Texas I0691 THARP 
6 GILBREATH Meghan Loraine  25 Apr 1984Tyler, Smith, Texas I0610 THARP 
7 GILBREATH Melissa Dawn  08 Sep 1978Tyler, Smith, Texas I0608 THARP 
8 GILBREATH Meredith Ashley  08 Feb 1982Tyler, Smith, Texas I0609 THARP 
9 HOGUE Linda Kaye  12 Jun 1949Tyler, Smith, Texas I0642 THARP 
10 HUFF Andrea Michelle  22 Nov 1977Tyler, Smith, Texas I0677 THARP 
11 HUFF Benny David  7 Sep 1944Tyler, Smith, Texas I0221 THARP 
12 HUFF Maurice Lynn  07 Jun 1957Tyler, Smith, Texas I0654 THARP 
13 HUFF Nathan David  04 Nov 1986Tyler, Smith, Texas I0678 THARP 
14 HUFF Scott William  04 Nov 1986Tyler, Smith, Texas I0679 THARP 
15 KERSH Debroah Kelly Renee  9 Jun 1977Tyler, Smith, Texas I3534 THARP 
16 KERSH Randel David  20 Nov 1952Tyler, Smith, Texas I1661 THARP 
17 KERSH Robert Gerald, Sr  30 Jun 1948Tyler, Smith, Texas I1660 THARP 
18 KERSH Robert Gerald, Jr  16 Sep 1975Tyler, Smith, Texas I3533 THARP 
19 KERSH Robin Lynn  25 Jun 1974Tyler, Smith, Texas I3528 THARP 
20 NORMAN William Roy, III  24 Jun 1978Tyler, Smith, Texas I11385 THARP 
21 PARKER Laura Ruth  11 Aug 1961Tyler, Smith, Texas I0657 THARP 
22 PARKER Mary Gaye  24 Jul 1957Tyler, Smith, Texas I0658 THARP 
23 REGIS Tariq Mikal  15 Nov 1977Tyler, Smith, Texas I0680 THARP 
24 TEDFORD David Andrew  05 Jun 1984Tyler, Smith, Texas I0661 THARP 
25 TEDFORD Emily Lauren  14 Jun 1987Tyler, Smith, Texas I0662 THARP 
26 TEDFORD Karli Elizabeth  07 Jul 1987Tyler, Smith, Texas I0660 THARP 
27 TEDFORD Larry Dwain  27 Jun 1955Tyler, Smith, Texas I0655 THARP 
28 TEDFORD Mary Catherine  06 Jan 1981Tyler, Smith, Texas I0659 THARP 
29 TEDFORD Paul David  24 Nov 1959Tyler, Smith, Texas I0656 THARP 
30 THARP Frederic Palmer  09 Mar 1907Tyler, Smith, Texas I3290 THARP 
31 VANDAGRIFF Christopher Shane, Jr  29 Feb 1996Tyler, Smith, Texas I3530 THARP 
32 VANDAGRIFF Jonathan Tyler  Tyler, Smith, Texas I3531 THARP 
33 VANDAGRIFF Spencer Harris  Tyler, Smith, Texas I3532 THARP 
34 VANDAGRIFF Winston  Tyler, Smith, Texas I3843 THARP 
35 WELK Deanna Elrod  10 Mar 1971Tyler, Smith, Texas I1385 THARP 
36 WILLAMS James Cameron  13 May 2005Tyler, Smith, Texas I11540 THARP 
37 WILLAMS Nolan Cole  14 Mar 2008Tyler, Smith, Texas I11541 THARP 
38 WILLIAMS Sarah Jean  17 Apr 1958Tyler, Smith, Texas I0676 THARP 


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CAREY Truman Verlon  19 Dec 1989Tyler, Smith, Texas I6617 THARP 
2 CURRY Benton Luke, Sr  04 Aug 1984Tyler, Smith, Texas I3275 THARP 
3 CURRY Emma Louise  05 May 1934Tyler, Smith, Texas I3860 THARP 
4 DEATON Jettie Mae  01 Dec 1984Tyler, Smith, Texas I7610 THARP 
5 EARL Joseph Henry  21 Jul 1942Tyler, Smith, Texas I9197 THARP 
6 HOGUE Linda Kaye  13 Jun 1949Tyler, Smith, Texas I0642 THARP 
7 KERSH Allen Webster  14 Mar 1958Tyler, Smith, Texas I9823 THARP 
8 KERSH Alvin Gerald  17 Apr 2009Tyler, Smith, Texas I1655 THARP 
9 KERSH Brenda Ann  8 Mar 2005Tyler, Smith, Texas I3605 THARP 
10 KERSH Daniel Enos  07 Dec 1948Tyler, Smith, Texas I1652 THARP 
11 KERSH Daniel Webster  05 Dec 1987Tyler, Smith, Texas I0436 THARP 
12 KERSH James Harvey  11 Aug 1961Tyler, Smith, Texas I9831 THARP 
13 KERSH James Virgil  09 Jul 2002Tyler, Smith, Texas I11983 THARP 
14 KERSH Wright Patman  21 Oct 1999Tyler, Smith, Texas I1656 THARP 
15 MAYHEW Bessie Mae  11 Mar 2007Tyler, Smith, Texas I7810 THARP 
16 MAYHEW Jace Lee  22 Oct 1973Tyler, Smith, Texas I7835 THARP 
17 PETTY Wanda Lee  1993Tyler, Smith, Texas I1229 THARP 
18 SOUTHERLAND Erma Elizabeth  Jan 1981Tyler, Smith, Texas I8685 THARP 
19 TAYLOR Ruth  25 Jun 2002Tyler, Smith, Texas I11978 THARP 
20 THARP Ruby Christine  25 Jan 2002Tyler, Smith, Texas I0015 THARP 
21 WELLS Dollie Etta  30 Jan 1966Tyler, Smith, Texas I9824 THARP 
22 WILLOUGHBY Dovie Lee  27 Jul 1978Tyler, Smith, Texas I1223 THARP 
23 WORK David Wayne  10 Jun 2006Tyler, Smith, Texas I10423 THARP 
24 WRIGHT Cora Altha  26 Jul 1968Tyler, Smith, Texas I1653 THARP 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 CAREY Truman Verlon  Tyler, Smith, Texas I6617 THARP 
2 DOWNING Emily Louise  Tyler, Smith, Texas I4813 THARP 

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