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Smith County, Texas


County/Shire : Latitude: 32.411015, Longitude: -95.28998


Matches 1 to 50 of 69

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BERRY Eunice Elizabeth  1861Smith County, Texas I0019 THARP 
2 BERRY James Wilson  Jun 1849Smith County, Texas I1440 THARP 
3 BERRY Josiah A Stuart  1854Smith County, Texas I1442 THARP 
4 BERRY Samuel Prather  5 Dec 1851Smith County, Texas I1441 THARP 
5 BROWN Judy Kay  27 Nov 1949Smith County, Texas I1771 THARP 
6 BROWN June Marie  17 Jun 1952Smith County, Texas I1769 THARP 
7 BROWN Mary Kathy  12 Nov 1954Smith County, Texas I1770 THARP 
8 CHAMBLESS Ella Mae Frances  30 Dec 1918Smith County, Texas I7908 THARP 
9 CONVERSE Jamie Lynn  10 Jul 1977Smith County, Texas I7784 THARP 
10 COOPER Mary Evelyne  05 Jan 1861Smith County, Texas I7050 THARP 
11 CURRY Donna Kay  01 Jan 1947Smith County, Texas I3968 THARP 
12 DAVIES Deborah Ann  23 Jan 1955Smith County, Texas I3842 THARP 
13 DORTON Deanna Francis  09 Jan 1968Smith County, Texas I7777 THARP 
14 DORTON James Daniel  11 Apr 1986Smith County, Texas I11958 THARP 
15 DORTON Jimmy Dan  24 Dec 1963Smith County, Texas I7776 THARP 
16 FRY Christine Nicole  14 Jan 1988Smith County, Texas I11364 THARP 
17 FRY Robert Augustus, II  10 May 1947Smith County, Texas I11362 THARP 
18 GEE Hannah Nicole  02 Oct 1994Smith County, Texas I11279 THARP 
19 GILLAM Emma  18 Mar 1855Smith County, Texas I10774 THARP 
20 GOLDEN Sonya Kay  14 Sep 1975Smith County, Texas I10265 THARP 
21 HARRIS Casey Kersh  26 Jun 1995Smith County, Texas I8582 THARP 
22 HUDNALL Mason Kendal  10 Apr 1991Smith County, Texas I1384 THARP 
23 HULSEY Natalie Shree  15 Mar 1982Smith County, Texas I12417 THARP 
24 JULIAN Frankie Lee  06 Jan 1951Smith County, Texas I8151 THARP 
25 KERSH Brandon David  17 Jun 1977Smith County, Texas I3841 THARP 
26 KERSH Brenda Dian  17 Oct 1945Smith County, Texas I0462 THARP 
27 KERSH Linda Frances  02 Jul 1947Smith County, Texas I0463 THARP 
28 KERSH Linda Kay  26 May 1947Smith County, Texas I3839 THARP 
29 KIRKPATRICK Hugh Taylor  12 Jun 1860Smith County, Texas I4546 THARP 
30 KIRKPATRICK James A  1859Smith County, Texas I4644 THARP 
31 KIRKPATRICK James Amzy  18 May 1862Smith County, Texas I4550 THARP 
32 KIRKPATRICK Jane  30 Oct 1848Smith County, Texas I4463 THARP 
33 KIRKPATRICK John Wilson  2 Sep 1858Smith County, Texas I4539 THARP 
34 KIRKPATRICK Martha Ann  Dec 1853Smith County, Texas I4524 THARP 
35 KIRKPATRICK Nancy Elizabeth  1856Smith County, Texas I4535 THARP 
36 KIRKPATRICK Sarah Catherine  1852Smith County, Texas I1571 THARP 
37 LARGE David Floyd  17 Sep 1871Smith County, Texas I4520 THARP 
38 LOWERY Joan Mylinda  23 Sep 1974Smith County, Texas I9390 THARP 
39 LOWERY Tiffani Gail  13 Feb 1973Smith County, Texas I9389 THARP 
40 MARSHBURN Joseph Martin  16 Jan 1970Smith County, Texas I12105 THARP 
41 MAY Jerry Michael  30 Aug 1974Smith County, Texas I11716 THARP 
42 MAY Lillian Ann  16 May 1966Smith County, Texas I11715 THARP 
43 MAYHEW Donna Lou  19 May 1954Smith County, Texas I10734 THARP 
44 MAYHEW J C  06 Jul 1912Smith County, Texas I7836 THARP 
45 MAYHEW Pearl Elizabeth  28 Sep 1936Smith County, Texas I7909 THARP 
46 MAYHEW Polly Ann  28 May 1948Smith County, Texas I10733 THARP 
47 MAYHEW William Lee  19 Jul 1944Smith County, Texas I10732 THARP 
48 McLANE William Templeton, II  28 Jul 1928Smith County, Texas I8027 THARP 
49 NICHOLSON Erma Nell  01 Aug 1929Smith County, Texas I3838 THARP 
50 NORMAN Mary Elaine  27 Jan 1954Smith County, Texas I7723 THARP 

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Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARTH Thomas Sonly  24 Apr 1996Smith County, Texas I5854 THARP 
2 BOICE David Armstrong  22 Jun 1972Smith County, Texas I3862 THARP 
3 FLEMING Frances Maude  19 Mar 1980Smith County, Texas I0439 THARP 
4 KERSH Charles Culberson  18 Dec 1951Smith County, Texas I0207 THARP 
5 KERSH Linda Frances  23 Jul 1981Smith County, Texas I0463 THARP 
6 KIRKPATRICK Jane  21 Jun 1880Smith County, Texas I4463 THARP 
7 MATTHEWS Evia Jane  28 Jul 1944Smith County, Texas I11970 THARP 
8 MAYHEW John Nelson  28 Sep 1916Smith County, Texas I9585 THARP 
9 MAYHEW Lee  20 Oct 1991Smith County, Texas I7838 THARP 
10 MORGAN Cynthia A  Smith County, Texas I7448 THARP 
11 NORRIS Sudie Gertrude  20 May 1994Smith County, Texas I9676 THARP 
12 PASCHAL A J  22 Oct 1987Smith County, Texas I4573 THARP 
13 SANDERS Claud A  02 Jan 1967Smith County, Texas I8684 THARP 
14 SELF Catherine  Between 14 Mar 1859 and 1 Jun 1860Smith County, Texas I0515 THARP 
15 TUCKER Henry Otis  03 Dec 1894Smith County, Texas I11411 THARP 
16 TUNNELL Elizabeth Jane  23 May 1870Smith County, Texas I1600 THARP 
17 TUNNELL James  10 May 1861Smith County, Texas I1588 THARP 
18 TUNNELL Leonard  2 Apr 1947Smith County, Texas I6933 THARP 
19 TUNNELL Nancy  Jan 1894Smith County, Texas I1595 THARP 
20 TUNNELL Perry O  01 Jan 1896Smith County, Texas I7440 THARP 
21 TUNNELL Wilson B  19 Apr 1933Smith County, Texas I7446 THARP 
22 WATSON William Dee  17 Feb 1990Smith County, Texas I7811 THARP 
23 WHITT Exa Mae  24 Jan 1980Smith County, Texas I8026 THARP 
24 WORSHAM Nannie Lacalian  02 Aug 1995Smith County, Texas I1718 THARP 


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BERRY / KIRKPATRICK  28 Mar 1860Smith County, Texas F0557 THARP 
2 CRAKER / HOPPER  26 Sep 1973Smith County, Texas F2986 THARP 
3 HUDNALL / WELK  6 Aug 1983Smith County, Texas F0536 THARP 
4 KERSH / DAVIES  05 Jan 1990Smith County, Texas F1435 THARP 
5 KERSH / PARDUE  20 Jun 1975Smith County, Texas F1434 THARP 
6 KERSH / WHITEHE  12 Apr 1978Smith County, Texas F1372 THARP 
7 LOUT / BROWN  29 Jan 1983Smith County, Texas F0644 THARP 
8 MAYHEW / DEVILLER  09 Nov 1984Smith County, Texas F4088 THARP 
9 MAYNE / FOWLER  22 Oct 1873Smith County, Texas F2663 THARP 
10 MURPHREE / DORTON  29 Apr 1989Smith County, Texas F2958 THARP 
11 SMITH / WARD  25 Nov 1989Smith County, Texas F2988 THARP 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 DORTON / UNKNOWN  22 May 1986Smith County, Texas F2955 THARP 
2 MURPHREE / DORTON  20 Sep 1995Smith County, Texas F2958 THARP 

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