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State/Province : Latitude: 32.89803818160524, Longitude: -91.395263671875


Map of Louisiana Counties
Map of Louisiana Counties


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ethel  28 Aug 1903Louisiana I6677 THARP 
2 ALEXANDER Howell  Mar 1888Louisiana I11471 THARP 
3 ALLEN Lula  23 Mar 1870Louisiana I9909 THARP 
4 BLOUIN Emma Mai  May 1877Louisiana I4937 THARP 
5 COYLE William James  1852Louisiana I3303 THARP 
6 CUNNINGHAM Charlotte McIlvaine  Jun 1884Louisiana I4774 THARP 
7 CUNNINGHAM Ella Eugenia  3 Oct 1853Louisiana I4940 THARP 
8 CUNNINGHAM Ida Gean  Dec 1875Louisiana I4769 THARP 
9 CUNNINGHAM Ivy Frances  Feb 1882Louisiana I4773 THARP 
10 CUNNINGHAM James Hamilton, Jr  21 Jan 1868Louisiana I4945 THARP 
11 CUNNINGHAM John Edward  24 Nov 1864Louisiana I6182 THARP 
12 CUNNINGHAM Josephine  1903Louisiana I6782 THARP 
13 CUNNINGHAM Lucy Pauline  13 Jun 1856Louisiana I6118 THARP 
14 CUNNINGHAM Mary Cornelia  10 Jan 1860Louisiana I6119 THARP 
15 CUNNINGHAM Milton  May 1899Louisiana I4946 THARP 
16 CUNNINGHAM Minnie Ann  1 Mar 1863Louisiana I4944 THARP 
17 CUNNINGHAM Sadie  Aug 1896Louisiana I6781 THARP 
18 CUNNINGHAM Sidney Cecile  Oct 1880Louisiana I4772 THARP 
19 CUNNINGHAM William Peyton  20 Oct 1901Louisiana I5321 THARP 
20 DALRYMPLE Alton  Jan 1898Louisiana I6672 THARP 
21 DALRYMPLE Belle  Nov 1895Louisiana I6671 THARP 
22 DALRYMPLE George Winham  Jan 1856Louisiana I5527 THARP 
23 DALRYMPLE Henry H  Jul 1892Louisiana I6670 THARP 
24 DENNIS Annie Jonas  Sep 1888Louisiana I11478 THARP 
25 DENNIS Benenna  Oct 1872Louisiana I11472 THARP 
26 DENNIS DeOrsay Richard  24 Dec 1878Louisiana I11476 THARP 
27 DENNIS Samuel F  18 Oct 1891Louisiana I11479 THARP 
28 DENNIS Wimberly Glover  29 Sep 1885Louisiana I11477 THARP 
29 DIXON James William  1862Louisiana I4921 THARP 
30 DIXON Jared Sanders  5 May 1860Louisiana I4920 THARP 
31 FISHER Emily Pernicia  25 Nov 1848Louisiana I0057 THARP 
32 FISHER Joseph Adam  Between 1846 and 1847Louisiana I3291 THARP 
33 FISHER Rosana  1849Louisiana I8314 THARP 
34 GARY Lula Ogilvie  18 Aug 1852Louisiana I5651 THARP 
35 HADEN Alexander E  1844Louisiana I5192 THARP 
36 HADEN Alfred F  1859Louisiana I4820 THARP 
37 HADEN Ann E  1857Louisiana I4819 THARP 
38 HADEN Kate L  18 Jan 1856Louisiana I4818 THARP 
39 HADEN William Tharp  1853Louisiana I4817 THARP 
40 HADLEY John C  1857Louisiana I6123 THARP 
41 HADLEY Joseph  1853Louisiana I6121 THARP 
42 HADLEY Willam C  1855Louisiana I6122 THARP 
43 HENDERSON C C  1857Louisiana I10913 THARP 
44 HENDERSON John  1857Louisiana I6822 THARP 
45 HIGH Thomas Jefferson  1850Louisiana I9364 THARP 
46 HOSS Dora  1862Louisiana I6162 THARP 
47 HOSS Fanny  1855Louisiana I6160 THARP 
48 HOSS Jackson  1858Louisiana I6161 THARP 
49 HOSS James Monroe, Sr  6 Nov 1848Louisiana I4755 THARP 
50 HOSS Jeff  1867Louisiana I6163 THARP 

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Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALEXANDER Silas Alfred  03 Jul 1932Louisiana I6260 THARP 
2 BULLARD Martha Amanda  Aft 1846Louisiana I2043 THARP 
3 CUNNINGHAM Green Columbus, Dr  8 Mar 1877Louisiana I6116 THARP 
4 DENNIS DeOrsay Richard  02 Mar 1908Louisiana I11476 THARP 
5 DENNIS Wimberly Glover  12 Jan 1888Louisiana I11477 THARP 
6 HOSS James Collins  03 May 2007Louisiana I6169 THARP 
7 JONES Eugenia  07 Jul 1898Louisiana I11519 THARP 
8 JONES Paul H  27 Dec 1876Louisiana I11518 THARP 
9 POWELL Alonza  28 Nov 1859Louisiana I5503 THARP 
10 ROBINSON Flora A  12 Feb 1926Louisiana I6217 THARP 
11 SIMPSON Eugene Ernest  07 Jul 1939Louisiana I11445 THARP 
12 THARP David Allen  29 Jun 1852Louisiana I6918 THARP 
13 THARP Elizabeth Allen  Bef 1880Louisiana I4746 THARP 
14 THARP Margaret E Allen  Bef 1860Louisiana I4747 THARP 
15 THARPE Marshall Allen, II  10 Jun 1945Louisiana I6186 THARP 
16 YARBROUGH William G  19 Mar 1934Louisiana I6656 THARP 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 CUNNINGHAM / JACKSON  1900Louisiana F2444 THARP 
2 GIBBS / THARP  16 Nov 1870Louisiana F4170 THARP 
3 SIMPSON / HARRIS  Louisiana F2122 THARP 
4 SIMPSON / JACKSON  1869Louisiana F2214 THARP 

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