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Kaufman County, Texas


County/Shire : Latitude: 32.59773394005744, Longitude: -96.3006591796875


John Allen Tharp and Emily Fisher Tharp
Family History
Personal memories of their son, Archibald Allen Tharp

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John Allen Tharp and Emily Fisher Tharp
Family History

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Matches 1 to 49 of 49

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALEXANDER Elizabeth Josephine  10 Jun 1906Kaufman County, Texas I12277 THARP 
2 ALEXANDER Mary Louise  20 Feb 1902Kaufman County, Texas I12276 THARP 
3 CLINE Mark Allan  02 May 1959Kaufman County, Texas I7871 THARP 
4 CLINE Mitchell Lee  13 Jul 1960Kaufman County, Texas I7872 THARP 
5 COFFMAN Cynthia Irene  02 Jul 1931Kaufman County, Texas I9799 THARP 
6 COLLARD Janie DeLaine  27 Apr 1966Kaufman County, Texas I7884 THARP 
7 COLLARD Kenneth James  29 Oct 1969Kaufman County, Texas I7885 THARP 
8 COLLARD Vikki Lee  11 Dec 1964Kaufman County, Texas I7883 THARP 
9 DAWDY John James  12 Apr 1985Kaufman County, Texas I10110 THARP 
10 FORTNER Rodney Shane  18 Mar 1975Kaufman County, Texas I10133 THARP 
11 FORTNER Jr Ronald Wayne  18 May 1969Kaufman County, Texas I10132 THARP 
12 FORTNER Sandra Deneice  09 Aug 1967Kaufman County, Texas I10131 THARP 
13 GARDNER Bettye Jane  03 Apr 1926Kaufman County, Texas I10555 THARP 
14 GRIFFEY Idell  Kaufman County, Texas I11892 THARP 
15 GUINN J C  07 Jan 1914Kaufman County, Texas I1366 THARP 
16 HALLONQUIST William C  27 Dec 1877Kaufman County, Texas I7454 THARP 
17 HILL Mary Virginia  14 Jan 1878Kaufman County, Texas I4954 THARP 
18 LOBBAN Christopher Scott  18 Nov 1984Kaufman County, Texas I10103 THARP 
19 ROWAN Mikki Jane  15 Sep 1956Kaufman County, Texas I9268 THARP 
20 ROWAN Rickey Wayne  15 Sep 1956Kaufman County, Texas I9267 THARP 
21 ROWAN Vikki Delane  22 Sep 1955Kaufman County, Texas I9269 THARP 
22 SAMPLE Nathan Adam  25 Sep 1995Kaufman County, Texas I8231 THARP 
23 THARP Anna Laura  23 Dec 1872Kaufman County, Texas I1424 THARP 
24 THARP David Leon  14 Feb 1940Kaufman County, Texas I12070 THARP 
25 THARP Douglas Benton  24 Jun 1938Kaufman County, Texas I7719 THARP 
26 THARP Edgar Herman  29 Dec 1911Kaufman County, Texas I7583 THARP 
27 THARP Ella Pernecia  28 Jul 1869Kaufman County, Texas I0432 THARP 
28 THARP Emma Eugenia  1 Mar 1877Kaufman County, Texas I1425 THARP 
29 THARP Frances Elaine  01 Apr 1946Kaufman County, Texas I7877 THARP 
30 THARP Herman Dewey  21 Dec 1930Kaufman County, Texas I7576 THARP 
31 THARP Hershel Dewey  11 Feb 1910Kaufman County, Texas I7585 THARP 
32 THARP Jeremy Michael  26 Sep 1980Kaufman County, Texas I7900 THARP 
33 THARP Jerry Donald  09 Jul 1937Kaufman County, Texas I7582 THARP 
34 THARP Johnny Howard  03 Sep 1903Kaufman County, Texas I7578 THARP 
35 THARP Martha Ranean  23 May 1938Kaufman County, Texas I12071 THARP 
36 THARP Mary Rene  01 Apr 1935Kaufman County, Texas I7867 THARP 
37 THARP Michael Edgar  01 Feb 1941Kaufman County, Texas I7716 THARP 
38 THARP Michael Ray  29 Mar 1961Kaufman County, Texas I7881 THARP 
39 THARP Michelle Gaye  29 Mar 1961Kaufman County, Texas I7880 THARP 
40 THARP Nancy Arlene  27 Mar 1951Kaufman County, Texas I7717 THARP 
41 THARP Raymond Nolan  07 Sep 1914Kaufman County, Texas I7580 THARP 
42 THARP Ricky Dale  30 Dec 1966Kaufman County, Texas I7879 THARP 
43 THARP Robert Alden, Sr  23 Dec 1952Kaufman County, Texas I7889 THARP 
44 THARP Sherry Caroline  06 Apr 1939Kaufman County, Texas I7868 THARP 
45 THARP Tom Willis  05 Oct 1930Kaufman County, Texas I7886 THARP 
46 THARP Trona Eloise  26 May 1949Kaufman County, Texas I9276 THARP 
47 THARP Virginia Belle  11 Jan 1933Kaufman County, Texas I9265 THARP 
48 THARP Willie B  27 Jan 1907Kaufman County, Texas I7586 THARP 
49 THARP Willis Allen  05 Mar 1871Kaufman County, Texas I0433 THARP 


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ATHEY Marvin Irvin  06 Jun 1993Kaufman County, Texas I7568 THARP 
2 COOPER Martha Ann  1 May 1945Kaufman County, Texas I1576 THARP 
3 DEATON Katie Elizabeth  05 Oct 1935Kaufman County, Texas I7608 THARP 
4 EALY Blanche Christine  09 Jan 2004Kaufman County, Texas I7584 THARP 
5 HALLONQUIST William C  24 Mar 1899Kaufman County, Texas I7460 THARP 
6 HILL Mary Virginia  04 Mar 1960Kaufman County, Texas I4954 THARP 
7 SHAW Bessie Maggie  29 Dec 1983Kaufman County, Texas I7575 THARP 
8 SHAW Lila Florence  23 Dec 1989Kaufman County, Texas I7579 THARP 
9 THARP Anna Laura  Bef 1880Kaufman County, Texas I1424 THARP 
10 THARP Edgar Herman  09 Apr 1985Kaufman County, Texas I7583 THARP 
11 THARP Emma Eugenia  Bef 1880Kaufman County, Texas I1425 THARP 
12 THARP Glenda Kay  14 Feb 1989Kaufman County, Texas I12202 THARP 
13 THARP Henry Lee  09 May 1964Kaufman County, Texas I4956 THARP 
14 THARP Hershel Dewey  23 Oct 1991Kaufman County, Texas I7585 THARP 
15 THARP Johnny Howard  05 Sep 1971Kaufman County, Texas I7578 THARP 
16 THARP Raymond Nolan  21 Oct 1986Kaufman County, Texas I7580 THARP 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS / ROWAN  11 Jul 1975Kaufman County, Texas F3206 THARP 
2 HALLONQUIST / HAYNES  13 Jan 1901Kaufman County, Texas F2657 THARP 
3 KINCHEN / SHELTON  1878Kaufman County, Texas F1901 THARP 
4 ROWAN / CHRISTOPHER  18 Nov 1978Kaufman County, Texas F3207 THARP 
5 SAMPLE / YARBROUGH  01 May 1988Kaufman County, Texas F0046 THARP 
6 THARP / ROWAN  04 Apr 1983Kaufman County, Texas F3205 THARP 

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