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Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas


City/Town : Latitude: 32.75492, Longitude: -97.330335


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ARTHUR Frances Ann  06 Jul 1922Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I10819 THARP 
2 BEAUCHAMP Lutie Bell  19 Sep 1882Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I4988 THARP 
3 CHESLOCK Brett William  24 Jul 1994Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I5478 THARP 
4 CHESLOCK Taud Erin  25 Mar 1966Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I5477 THARP 
5 FULLER Benny Gene  23 May 1936Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I5375 THARP 
6 FULLER Bob Orbon  20 Nov 1921Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I5469 THARP 
7 FULLER Marla Gaye  14 Aug 1966Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I5474 THARP 
8 FULLER Sandra Sue  26 Jul 1941Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I5376 THARP 
9 FULLER Thalia Marie  29 Jan 1919Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I5468 THARP 
10 HOFFMAN Brennan Gregory  28 Sep 1998Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I1395 THARP 
11 HOFFMAN Hunter Daniel  28 Sep 1998Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I1394 THARP 
12 HOFFMAN Payton Avery  28 Jul 2000Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I3498 THARP 
13 KERSH Sharon Anne  31 Oct 1965Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I3791 THARP 
14 REESE Carmen Elena  16 Dec 1997Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I11488 THARP 
15 REESE Ruben Alejandro  11 Oct 1994Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I11487 THARP 
16 THARP George Allen  8 Aug 1887Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I3508 THARP 
17 THARP Jimmie Octave  07 Mar 1894Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I3512 THARP 


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ida Mae  10 Dec 1979Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I5289 THARP 
2 BRIDGES Violet Elizabeth  02 May 1974Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I5463 THARP 
3 BRIGMAN George H  26 Jan 1978Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I5275 THARP 
4 BRIGMAN Joshua Dunn, Jr  20 Jul 1937Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I10303 THARP 
5 CARTER Amon Giles  23 Jun 1955Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I6902 THARP 
6 DUNNAM Elijah Fetcher  23 Dec 1935Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I6600 THARP 
7 DUNNAM Laura Alice  02 Apr 1951Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I9448 THARP 
8 FOSTER Eva  04 Apr 1964Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I2771 THARP 
9 FOSTER Mattie Octavia  24 Feb 1971Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I2769 THARP 
10 FULLER Bob Orbon  28 Feb 1999Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I5469 THARP 
11 FULLER John Ben  19 Dec 1952Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I5373 THARP 
12 GENTRY John William Burgess  10 Mar 1948Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I5042 THARP 
13 HAMM Joseph Mirth  31 Jan 1958Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I0192 THARP 
14 HEMSELL William Edward  13 Aug 1953Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I2031 THARP 
15 HIGH Ambrose Jackson  23 Sep 1940Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I9648 THARP 
16 MCDONALD Emma Frances  8 Dec 1973Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I5465 THARP 
17 NORVELL Edward Joseph Smith  14 Mar 1919Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I2025 THARP 
18 NORVELL Margaret D  25 Jun 1964Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I2030 THARP 
19 TARKENTON Margaret Octavie  18 Jun 1946Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I5049 THARP 
20 THARP Brenda Karen  06 Jun 2000Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I6399 THARP 
21 THARP George Allen  20 Aug 1887Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I3508 THARP 
22 THARP James Allen  11 Mar 1907Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I0616 THARP 
23 THARP James Presley  30 Jun 1981Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I1570 THARP 
24 THARP William Floyd  09 Aug 1961Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I10493 THARP 
25 WADE Herbert C  07 Aug 1969Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I9821 THARP 
26 YATES Audrey Tom  23 Aug 1967Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I6739 THARP 
27 YATES Mittye  01 Aug 1974Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I6740 THARP 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARNETT Woodrow Walter  Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas I4682 THARP 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 FULLER / BALDWIN  20 Mar 1992Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas F1976 THARP 
2 FULLER / WALLACE  29 Mar 1985Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas F1975 THARP 
3 THARP / RENDON  22 Jun 1984Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas F3528 THARP 

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