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Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee


City/Town : Latitude: 35.627064, Longitude: -86.239771


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ASHLEY Catherine  11 Mar 1817Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7235 THARP 
2 ASHLEY Elizabeth  1814Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7234 THARP 
3 ASHLEY George  10 Nov 1836Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7393 THARP 
4 ASHLEY George  11 Dec 1878Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7402 THARP 
5 ASHLEY Isabella  1840Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7397 THARP 
6 ASHLEY James Perry  1846Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7400 THARP 
7 ASHLEY James R  29 Sep 1852Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7391 THARP 
8 ASHLEY John  15 Jun 1824Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7386 THARP 
9 ASHLEY John Pruitt  25 Aug 1850Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7390 THARP 
10 ASHLEY Martha Elizabeth  28 Sep 1870Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7404 THARP 
11 ASHLEY Martha Jane  04 Jul 1820Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I10749 THARP 
12 ASHLEY Martha Jane  22 Apr 1841Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7398 THARP 
13 ASHLEY Mary  1830Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7395 THARP 
14 ASHLEY Nancy Jane  29 Jan 1828Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0050 THARP 
15 ASHLEY Robert  1842Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7399 THARP 
16 ASHLEY Sanford  21 Apr 1833Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7406 THARP 
17 ASHLEY Simeon  08 Mar 1830Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7405 THARP 
18 ASHLEY Thomas  05 May 1867Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7408 THARP 
19 ASHLEY William B  28 May 1834Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7396 THARP 
20 FIELDS Christine  1924Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I10656 THARP 
21 FIELDS James C  23 Jul 1913Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I10655 THARP 
22 FIELDS Jewel B  1926Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I10657 THARP 
23 MANKIN Mary Robinson  25 Feb 1860Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7588 THARP 
24 MANLEY Hugh Henry  08 May 1819Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I10753 THARP 
25 MANLEY Newton  07 Dec 1847Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I10754 THARP 
26 MCCROCKLIN Junius Clifford, Jr  20 Jan 1918Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I10652 THARP 
27 MOORE John Thomas  1864Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I10747 THARP 
28 MOORE Simeon Davis  31 Jul 1861Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I10746 THARP 
29 NORVELL Anna Ruth  29 Mar 1912Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I10325 THARP 
30 NORVELL Baxter Hoover  16 Feb 1891Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0590 THARP 
31 NORVELL Beulah Maggie  3 Dec 1878Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0579 THARP 
32 NORVELL Chester Arthur  25 Jun 1883Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I1917 THARP 
33 NORVELL Clara Jane  17 Nov 1880Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I1916 THARP 
34 NORVELL Clarence Tillman  30 Jan 1889Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0580 THARP 
35 NORVELL Eddie Paschal, Sr  09 Feb 1897Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0022 THARP 
36 NORVELL Ellis Smith  23 Dec 1858Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0574 THARP 
37 NORVELL Gertrude  4 Apr 1900Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0695 THARP 
38 NORVELL Grady  22 Jan 1896Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I9720 THARP 
39 NORVELL James Ashley  1913Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I6511 THARP 
40 NORVELL James Fred Moore  25 Mar 1891Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0095 THARP 
41 NORVELL James Knox Ladd, Dr  18 Jun 1853Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0034 THARP 
42 NORVELL Jessie Mae  29 Jul 1893Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0096 THARP 
43 NORVELL John Wallace  30 Apr 1898Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0061 THARP 
44 NORVELL Joseph Alexander  03 Oct 1875Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0577 THARP 
45 NORVELL Margaret  4 Mar 1889Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0094 THARP 
46 NORVELL Margaret McGee  31 May 1860Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0575 THARP 
47 NORVELL Martha Lou  11 Sep 1895Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0097 THARP 
48 NORVELL Martin Wade  04 Aug 1896Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I1922 THARP 
49 NORVELL Mary Ann  04 Nov 1892Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I1920 THARP 
50 NORVELL Milbra Elizabeth  28 Mar 1887Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I1919 THARP 

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Matches 1 to 50 of 50

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ASHLEY Arthur  07 May 1888Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7388 THARP 
2 ASHLEY Catherine  08 Aug 1884Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7235 THARP 
3 ASHLEY George  09 Jun 1879Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7402 THARP 
4 ASHLEY James R  24 Jul 1925Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7391 THARP 
5 ASHLEY John  26 Nov 1852Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7236 THARP 
6 ASHLEY John  28 Sep 1889Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7386 THARP 
7 ASHLEY John Pruitt  17 Jan 1915Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7390 THARP 
8 ASHLEY Martha Elizabeth  10 Nov 1881Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7404 THARP 
9 ASHLEY Martha Jane  09 Apr 1890Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I10749 THARP 
10 ASHLEY Nancy Jane  14 Mar 1884Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0050 THARP 
11 ASHLEY Sanford  15 Apr 1878Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7406 THARP 
12 ASHLEY Simeon  29 Mar 1897Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7405 THARP 
13 ASHLEY Thomas  7 May 1896Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7408 THARP 
14 ASHLEY William B  07 Aug 1906Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7396 THARP 
15 ASHLEY William Freelin  05 Nov 1878Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I10750 THARP 
16 ASHLEY William Garrett  06 Mar 1870Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7232 THARP 
17 FIELDS James C  08 Nov 1954Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I10655 THARP 
18 FIELDS Jewel B  1980Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I10657 THARP 
19 FIELDS William Bennett  1956Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I2041 THARP 
20 JAKES Martha Ann  04 Jan 1917Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7407 THARP 
21 MANKIN Ann Belle  06 Jun 1911Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I9217 THARP 
22 MANKIN John Wesley, Sr  15 Feb 1898Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7587 THARP 
23 MANLEY Hugh Henry  08 Jun 1884Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I10753 THARP 
24 MANLEY Newton  16 Aug 1920Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I10754 THARP 
25 MASON Clara Jane  6 Dec 1909Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0582 THARP 
26 McCRARY Lucy Ann  15 Mar 1889Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7382 THARP 
27 McGILL Lizzie  04 Jul 1911Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7401 THARP 
28 MOORE America Jane  29 Aug 1934Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0035 THARP 
29 MOORE Thomas Woodmansee  18 Jul 1893Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0049 THARP 
30 NORMAN Catherine  01 Feb 1920Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7403 THARP 
31 NORMAN Sarah  24 Nov 1923Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I10939 THARP 
32 NORVELL Anne Washington  08 Jul 1913Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0388 THARP 
33 NORVELL Clara Jane  29 Jun 1960Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I1916 THARP 
34 NORVELL David Alexander Smith, Dr  26 Feb 1876Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0047 THARP 
35 NORVELL Ellis Smith  23 Oct 1915Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0574 THARP 
36 NORVELL Grady  14 Feb 1896Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I9720 THARP 
37 NORVELL James Knox Ladd, Dr  11 Apr 1923Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0034 THARP 
38 NORVELL Margaret  1957Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0094 THARP 
39 NORVELL Margaret McGee  05 Feb 1935Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0575 THARP 
40 NORVELL Martin Wade  Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I1922 THARP 
41 NORVELL Mary Jane  1919Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0568 THARP 
42 NORVELL Milbra Elizabeth  12 Dec 1977Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I1919 THARP 
43 NORVELL Minnie Kate  1918Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0092 THARP 
44 NORVELL Rubye Elizabeth  1958Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0098 THARP 
45 NORVELL Van Calhoun  02 Oct 1927Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0571 THARP 
46 NORVELL William Monroe  18 Mar 1911Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0573 THARP 
47 SAGELY Blake Leander  15 Apr 1942Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I5811 THARP 
48 TILLMAN Martha Jane  4 Apr 1917Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0576 THARP 
49 TODD Nancy E  16 Feb 1936Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I5820 THARP 
50 WEAVER Mary  21 Feb 1869Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I7233 THARP 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 NORVELL Clarence Tillman  Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0580 THARP 
2 NORVELL David Alexander Smith, Dr  Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee I0047 THARP 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 MCCROCKLIN / NORVELL  Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee F0580 THARP 
2 NORVELL / ANDERSON  Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee F3575 THARP 


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 NORVELL / ANDERSON  Beechgrove, Coffee, Tennessee F3575 THARP 

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