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Rankin County, Mississippi


County/Shire : Latitude: 32.278902, Longitude: -90.001477


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 DENSON Margaret Lucy  3 Sep 1856Rankin County, Mississippi I2318 THARP 
2 DENSON William Lyles  10 Aug 1865Rankin County, Mississippi I3481 THARP 
3 DUNKLIN Katherine C  1825Rankin County, Mississippi I11309 THARP 
4 FERGUSON Joseph Luther  29 Jul 1910Rankin County, Mississippi I12148 THARP 
5 FERGUSON Steven Edward  13 Oct 1906Rankin County, Mississippi I9320 THARP 
6 GRAVES Ada L  Aug 1888Rankin County, Mississippi I11328 THARP 
7 GRAVES Clara  Mar 1892Rankin County, Mississippi I11329 THARP 
8 GRAVES David A  Feb 1852Rankin County, Mississippi I11324 THARP 
9 GRAVES Henry F  Sep 1882Rankin County, Mississippi I11326 THARP 
10 GRAVES Jessie D  Dec 1884Rankin County, Mississippi I11327 THARP 
11 GRAVES William J  Mar 1876Rankin County, Mississippi I11325 THARP 
12 KERSH Alonzo Thomas  19 Aug 1858Rankin County, Mississippi I3477 THARP 
13 KERSH Andrew Samuel  1852Rankin County, Mississippi I0523 THARP 
14 KERSH Anna Bell  16 Nov 1895Rankin County, Mississippi I10425 THARP 
15 KERSH Annie Elizabeth  12 Jun 1892Rankin County, Mississippi I3921 THARP 
16 KERSH Annie Kathleen  20 Apr 1887Rankin County, Mississippi I11096 THARP 
17 KERSH Betty J  Jul 1890Rankin County, Mississippi I10428 THARP 
18 KERSH Clara DeVoe  06 Nov 1865Rankin County, Mississippi I0201 THARP 
19 KERSH Dallas Andrew  16 Jul 1912Rankin County, Mississippi I5412 THARP 
20 KERSH Eddie Carter  16 Jun 1889Rankin County, Mississippi I6551 THARP 
21 KERSH Edna Joyce  16 May 1913Rankin County, Mississippi I5413 THARP 
22 KERSH Eliza R  1846Rankin County, Mississippi I9143 THARP 
23 KERSH Elizabeth L  1855Rankin County, Mississippi I9147 THARP 
24 KERSH Emmett Ezra  23 Jul 1883Rankin County, Mississippi I7066 THARP 
25 KERSH Enos Rogers  25 Oct 1839Rankin County, Mississippi I0196 THARP 
26 KERSH Ernest Frederick  19 Feb 1880Rankin County, Mississippi I3469 THARP 
27 KERSH Eugene Leon  Jul 1865Rankin County, Mississippi I3479 THARP 
28 KERSH Frances L  25 Aug 1891Rankin County, Mississippi I7132 THARP 
29 KERSH Geroge Washington  01 Nov 1851Rankin County, Mississippi I3474 THARP 
30 KERSH Harriet Addie  8 Aug 1870Rankin County, Mississippi I3465 THARP 
31 KERSH Harrison Monroe M  12 Jul 1850Rankin County, Mississippi I0520 THARP 
32 KERSH Hattie Edna  10 Dec 1868Rankin County, Mississippi I0206 THARP 
33 KERSH Hugh Buckner, Sr  8 Nov 1872Rankin County, Mississippi I3466 THARP 
34 KERSH Hugh Buckner, Jr  3 Oct 1909Rankin County, Mississippi I5411 THARP 
35 KERSH Irma  Jul 1897Rankin County, Mississippi I10429 THARP 
36 KERSH Jacob Elbert  27 Feb 1848Rankin County, Mississippi I0519 THARP 
37 KERSH James Larkin  12 Apr 1888Rankin County, Mississippi I7065 THARP 
38 KERSH James Robert Ezra  01 Jan 1860Rankin County, Mississippi I3459 THARP 
39 KERSH James Timothy  1852Rankin County, Mississippi I9145 THARP 
40 KERSH Jennie Louise  20 Jul 1902Rankin County, Mississippi I3423 THARP 
41 KERSH John Leonidas, Sr  01 Sep 1845Rankin County, Mississippi I0518 THARP 
42 KERSH John Thomas Monroe  15 Mar 1867Rankin County, Mississippi I0202 THARP 
43 KERSH John W  7 Feb 1859Rankin County, Mississippi I2078 THARP 
44 KERSH John William  07 Jan 1866Rankin County, Mississippi I3463 THARP 
45 KERSH Joseph E A  25 Dec 1862Rankin County, Mississippi I3461 THARP 
46 KERSH Josephine  1854Rankin County, Mississippi I10776 THARP 
47 KERSH Julious Monroe  20 Jul 1902Rankin County, Mississippi I3426 THARP 
48 KERSH Katherine Adella  Abt 1886Rankin County, Mississippi I3567 THARP 
49 KERSH Laura Hazel  18 Apr 1864Rankin County, Mississippi I3462 THARP 
50 KERSH Lavinie  1901Rankin County, Mississippi I11243 THARP 

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Matches 1 to 50 of 86

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 C Jennie  7 Nov 1881Rankin County, Mississippi I6452 THARP 
2 BUCKNER James Merry  31 Jan 1840Rankin County, Mississippi I3456 THARP 
3 DENSON William Lyles  10 Dec 1935Rankin County, Mississippi I3481 THARP 
4 EASTERLING Margaret Regene  24 Oct 1852Rankin County, Mississippi I7124 THARP 
5 EASTERLING Rachel E  29 May 1888Rankin County, Mississippi I1676 THARP 
6 EASTERLING Thomas Jacob  1842Rankin County, Mississippi I7126 THARP 
7 FERGUSON Joseph Luther  1912Rankin County, Mississippi I12148 THARP 
8 GRAHAM Sarah Elizabeth Loper  20 Jan 1855Rankin County, Mississippi I8336 THARP 
9 JACKSON Mary Alice  13 Jun 1936Rankin County, Mississippi I7099 THARP 
10 JOHNSON Ida I  7 Mar 1953Rankin County, Mississippi I3480 THARP 
11 KERSH Allen David  17 Sep 1865Rankin County, Mississippi I1677 THARP 
12 KERSH Alonzo Thomas  13 Mar 1957Rankin County, Mississippi I3477 THARP 
13 KERSH Andrew Frederick  28 Nov 1897Rankin County, Mississippi I1678 THARP 
14 KERSH Annie Elizabeth  12 Aug 1893Rankin County, Mississippi I3921 THARP 
15 KERSH Clifton Eugene  10 Jun 1985Rankin County, Mississippi I11354 THARP 
16 KERSH David George  7 Aug 1898Rankin County, Mississippi I2054 THARP 
17 KERSH Eddie Carter  16 Feb 1890Rankin County, Mississippi I6551 THARP 
18 KERSH Elizabeth Ann  13 Apr 1895Rankin County, Mississippi I2056 THARP 
19 KERSH Emmett Ezra  19 Jun 1909Rankin County, Mississippi I7066 THARP 
20 KERSH Frances L  26 Jan 1903Rankin County, Mississippi I7132 THARP 
21 KERSH Geroge Washington  10 Nov 1852Rankin County, Mississippi I3474 THARP 
22 KERSH Jacob  01 Aug 1853Rankin County, Mississippi I0561 THARP 
23 KERSH James Larkin  29 May 1932Rankin County, Mississippi I7065 THARP 
24 KERSH Jane  Rankin County, Mississippi I2245 THARP 
25 KERSH John W  11 Feb 1925Rankin County, Mississippi I2078 THARP 
26 KERSH Lennis S  14 Jun 1883Rankin County, Mississippi I5414 THARP 
27 KERSH Lewis Ervin  12 Apr 1846Rankin County, Mississippi I2055 THARP 
28 KERSH Mary Elizabeth  1 May 1943Rankin County, Mississippi I3464 THARP 
29 KERSH Mary Elizabeth Shuler  17 Jul 1893Rankin County, Mississippi I2049 THARP 
30 KERSH Minerva Apphira Drewanna  18 Jan 1935Rankin County, Mississippi I3458 THARP 
31 KERSH Nettie K  15 Apr 1966Rankin County, Mississippi I10427 THARP 
32 KERSH Richard Caliway  1 Oct 1854Rankin County, Mississippi I1685 THARP 
33 KERSH Richard Caliway  27 Jul 1864Rankin County, Mississippi I3476 THARP 
34 KERSH Timothy P  18 Dec 1854Rankin County, Mississippi I2053 THARP 
35 KERSH Webster Washington  15 Jan 1942Rankin County, Mississippi I2329 THARP 
36 KERSH William Eli  1878Rankin County, Mississippi I1679 THARP 
37 KERSH William Wesley  16 May 1903Rankin County, Mississippi I3473 THARP 
38 KERSH Wyatt Curtis Webster  24 Jan 1896Rankin County, Mississippi I3563 THARP 
39 KNIGHT Harriette Lane  Rankin County, Mississippi I7129 THARP 
40 MARTIN Ella Virginia  14 Nov 1943Rankin County, Mississippi I8154 THARP 
41 MARTIN George Thomas  04 Nov 1855Rankin County, Mississippi I8157 THARP 
42 MARTIN Infant  12 Mar 1849Rankin County, Mississippi I8156 THARP 
43 MARTIN James Warren  22 Jun 1928Rankin County, Mississippi I8160 THARP 
44 MARTIN Laura Ann  19 Jul 1898Rankin County, Mississippi I8155 THARP 
45 MYERS Daniel G  31 Jan 1852Rankin County, Mississippi I7089 THARP 
46 MYERS Daniel Tobias  1903Rankin County, Mississippi I7133 THARP 
47 MYERS Elizabeth  29 May 1904Rankin County, Mississippi I2071 THARP 
48 MYERS Harriet Lenora  17 Jan 1931Rankin County, Mississippi I2338 THARP 
49 MYERS William  14 May 1859Rankin County, Mississippi I7090 THARP 
50 NOBLES Elias Britton Henry  1921Rankin County, Mississippi I8341 THARP 

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 COOK Minerva Broadwater  Rankin County, Mississippi I3457 THARP 


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 DENSON / KERSH  7 Sep 1892Rankin County, Mississippi F1306 THARP 
2 EVANS / WILKINSON  09 Jun 1874Rankin County, Mississippi F1309 THARP 
3 FORE / WOFFORD  1846Rankin County, Mississippi F1733 THARP 
4 GRAVES / KERSH  21 Jan 1875Rankin County, Mississippi F3847 THARP 
5 HOSKINS / KERSH  28 Nov 1877Rankin County, Mississippi F1303 THARP 
6 JONES / KERSH  16 Mar 1888Rankin County, Mississippi F1952 THARP 
7 KERSH / BUCKNER  22 Sep 1857Rankin County, Mississippi F0901 THARP 
8 KERSH / DAVIS  22 Dec 1904Rankin County, Mississippi F1954 THARP 
9 KERSH / JOHNSON  24 Apr 1895Rankin County, Mississippi F1305 THARP 
10 KERSH / LINDSEY  14 Mar 1861Rankin County, Mississippi F0012 THARP 
11 KERSH / MCKAY  28 Nov 1877Rankin County, Mississippi F1950 THARP 
12 KERSH / ORMOND  16 Mar 1859Rankin County, Mississippi F0798 THARP 
13 KERSH / RHODES  24 Sep 1835Rankin County, Mississippi F0013 THARP 
14 KERSH / RHODES  14 Jul 1836Rankin County, Mississippi F0883 THARP 
15 KERSH / RHODES  27 Feb 1845Rankin County, Mississippi F0902 THARP 
16 KERSH / RUSSELL  25 Oct 1876Rankin County, Mississippi F1761 THARP 
17 KERSH / WATTS  20 Mar 1890Rankin County, Mississippi F1304 THARP 
18 KERSH / WATTS  22 Jan 1905Rankin County, Mississippi F1953 THARP 
19 KERSH / WILLIAMS  4 Nov 1871Rankin County, Mississippi F1340 THARP 
20 LANGFORD / FISHER  21 Jul 1842Rankin County, Mississippi F2943 THARP 
21 LYLES / KERSH  16 Nov 1892Rankin County, Mississippi F1951 THARP 
22 MARTIN / KERSH  30 Mar 1848Rankin County, Mississippi F0799 THARP 
23 MARTIN / WARREN  19 Nov 1873Rankin County, Mississippi F2889 THARP 
24 MYERS / RANKIN  26 May 1846Rankin County, Mississippi F2576 THARP 
25 MYERS / RHODES  30 Oct 1831Rankin County, Mississippi F2559 THARP 
26 RHODES / JACKSON  26 Apr 1876Rankin County, Mississippi F2562 THARP 
27 RHODES / KERSH  1840Rankin County, Mississippi F0742 THARP 
28 RHODES / KNIGHT  26 Jan 1871Rankin County, Mississippi F2573 THARP 
29 RHODES / ORMOND  13 Nov 1852Rankin County, Mississippi F2561 THARP 
30 RUSSELL / KERSH  14 Feb 1878Rankin County, Mississippi F1302 THARP 
31 RUSSELL / WILKINSON  30 Jan 1872Rankin County, Mississippi F1308 THARP 
32 TRIGG / LINDSEY  2 May 1854Rankin County, Mississippi F0087 THARP 
33 WALLACE / KERSH  15 Sep 1866Rankin County, Mississippi F1663 THARP 
34 WALLACE / KERSH  30 Dec 1874Rankin County, Mississippi F0882 THARP 
35 WILKINSON / LINDSEY  21 Oct 1848Rankin County, Mississippi F0728 THARP 

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