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Anderson County, Texas


County/Shire : Latitude: 31.65455039032695, Longitude: -95.57418823242188


Anderson County, Texas
A Brief History


Matches 1 to 50 of 72

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ASHLEY Henry William  1874Anderson County, Texas I1798 THARP 
2 ASHLEY Joel Webster  1880Anderson County, Texas I1800 THARP 
3 ATWOOD Mary Ernestine  12 Feb 1939Anderson County, Texas I11633 THARP 
4 BERNARD Paula Elaine  05 Dec 1944Anderson County, Texas I9394 THARP 
5 BLACKMON Nancy Renee  13 Sep 1984Anderson County, Texas I6019 THARP 
6 BROWN Jerry Loyd  30 Nov 1943Anderson County, Texas I8220 THARP 
7 BROWN Lana Sue  23 Aug 1954Anderson County, Texas I11135 THARP 
8 CAMP Andrew Martin  8 Jun 1878Anderson County, Texas I1823 THARP 
9 CRAFT Samuel Radford  25 Oct 1980Anderson County, Texas I8211 THARP 
10 CRAFT Sharon Kristine  20 Dec 1977Anderson County, Texas I8210 THARP 
11 CURRY Vaughan  17 May 1901Anderson County, Texas I3516 THARP 
12 DANCER Bonnie Denise  15 Nov 1985Anderson County, Texas I10347 THARP 
13 DANCER Crystal Renee  03 Oct 1984Anderson County, Texas I10346 THARP 
14 DANCER Joseph Anthony  10 Dec 1988Anderson County, Texas I10348 THARP 
15 EASLEY Linda Nell  30 Jan 1951Anderson County, Texas I8222 THARP 
16 HAWTHORNE Millage Wayne  29 Jun 1977Anderson County, Texas I11296 THARP 
17 HAWTHORNE Sidney Earl  02 Oct 1965Anderson County, Texas I11295 THARP 
18 HAWTHORNE Steven Merle  09 Oct 1978Anderson County, Texas I11297 THARP 
19 HICKMAN Lana Gail  2 Oct 1950Anderson County, Texas I3669 THARP 
20 HOLCOMB Lydia Elizabeth Ann  05 Aug 1882Anderson County, Texas I5297 THARP 
21 HUDDLESTON Grace  19 Nov 1907Anderson County, Texas I9426 THARP 
22 HUDDLESTON Hiram Newton  11 Feb 1875Anderson County, Texas I9412 THARP 
23 HUDDLESTON John Weldon  18 Jun 1871Anderson County, Texas I9425 THARP 
24 JENKINS Homer Stewart  01 Feb 1902Anderson County, Texas I9427 THARP 
25 KERSH Annie  6 Dec 1884Anderson County, Texas I1787 THARP 
26 KERSH Carolyn Jean  30 Apr 1949Anderson County, Texas I2734 THARP 
27 KERSH Desmond  1912Anderson County, Texas I0445 THARP 
28 KERSH Flarris Vernon  13 Apr 1916Anderson County, Texas I0448 THARP 
29 KERSH Grady Debbs  13 Aug 1913Anderson County, Texas I0446 THARP 
30 KERSH Infant Son  20 Jul 1883Anderson County, Texas I1786 THARP 
31 KERSH Marie Elaine  8 Feb 1910Anderson County, Texas I3861 THARP 
32 KERSH Sarah Jewel  02 May 1910Anderson County, Texas I9724 THARP 
33 LARUE Moya Aletha  27 Apr 1927Anderson County, Texas I3788 THARP 
34 MCKINNEY Arthur  09 Sep 1905Anderson County, Texas I9418 THARP 
35 MCKINNEY Davis L  Apr 1878Anderson County, Texas I9402 THARP 
36 MCKINNEY Ellen M  14 Jan 1884Anderson County, Texas I9411 THARP 
37 MCKINNEY George Washington  26 Nov 1876Anderson County, Texas I9406 THARP 
38 MCKINNEY Harvey James  1903Anderson County, Texas I9417 THARP 
39 MCKINNEY James  1856Anderson County, Texas I1795 THARP 
40 MCKINNEY John H  1855Anderson County, Texas I1794 THARP 
41 MCKINNEY Lena B  1901Anderson County, Texas I9416 THARP 
42 McKINNEY Mary Martha  04 Jul 1925Anderson County, Texas I9721 THARP 
43 MCKINNEY Sarah Ann  28 Sep 1861Anderson County, Texas I1766 THARP 
44 MCKINNEY Sarah Anne  05 Jun 1881Anderson County, Texas I9424 THARP 
45 MCKINNEY Thomas  27 Feb 1889Anderson County, Texas I9404 THARP 
46 MOREHEAD Danelle  29 Nov 1948Anderson County, Texas I12366 THARP 
47 MOREHEAD Mary Willene  08 Aug 1940Anderson County, Texas I8217 THARP 
48 MOREHEAD Nancy Jo  05 Mar 1952Anderson County, Texas I8218 THARP 
49 NICHOLSON Ethen Aaron  15 Jun 1978Anderson County, Texas I5134 THARP 
50 NICHOLSON Jerrett Christopher  22 Jul 1975Anderson County, Texas I5135 THARP 

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Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ASHLEY Henry Clay  14 Sep 1902Anderson County, Texas I1793 THARP 
2 ASHLEY Joel Webster  1958Anderson County, Texas I1800 THARP 
3 ASHLEY Mary Ann Theresa  5 Feb 1916Anderson County, Texas I1799 THARP 
4 BROUGHTON Rubye Elizabeth  29 Aug 1995Anderson County, Texas I5317 THARP 
5 DEEL Claud Carroll  06 Apr 1956Anderson County, Texas I9725 THARP 
6 HUDDLESTON Grace  05 Aug 2002Anderson County, Texas I9426 THARP 
7 KERSH Annie  4 Oct 1887Anderson County, Texas I1787 THARP 
8 KERSH Desmond  1912Anderson County, Texas I0445 THARP 
9 KERSH Infant Son  7 Aug 1883Anderson County, Texas I1786 THARP 
10 MCKELVIN Sarah L  24 Mar 1901Anderson County, Texas I1832 THARP 
11 MCKINNEY Sarah Ann  05 Sep 1939Anderson County, Texas I1766 THARP 
12 MCKINNEY Washington J  1862Anderson County, Texas I1788 THARP 
13 MCKINNEY William Robert  31 Dec 1904Anderson County, Texas I1831 THARP 
14 MUSINGER Benjamin Franklin  03 Sep 1981Anderson County, Texas I9722 THARP 
15 TRIGG Lennie Estelle  31 Mar 1967Anderson County, Texas I1812 THARP 
16 TRIGG William Alanson  13 Oct 1910Anderson County, Texas I0195 THARP 
17 WELLS Earl Morton  24 Mar 1938Anderson County, Texas I0217 THARP 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 KERSH William Wesley  Anderson County, Texas I0440 THARP 


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ASHLEY / MCKINNEY  31 Dec 1869Anderson County, Texas F0673 THARP 
2 ASHLEY / TEEL  10 Nov 1899Anderson County, Texas F0683 THARP 
3 CAMP / ASHLEY  28 Aug 1897Anderson County, Texas F0685 THARP 
4 CONARROE / MCKINNEY  16 Dec 1951Anderson County, Texas F3291 THARP 
5 CURRY / KERSH  23 Jun 1891Anderson County, Texas F0058 THARP 
6 GIBSON / CAUDLE  28 Apr 1863Anderson County, Texas F0672 THARP 
7 GOODWIN / PRITCHARD  22 Aug 1998Anderson County, Texas F2856 THARP 
8 HUDDLESTON / MCKINNEY  29 Mar 1899Anderson County, Texas F3260 THARP 
9 KERSH / MCKINNEY  6 Sep 1882Anderson County, Texas F0011 THARP 
10 KERSH / PATTERSON  16 Dec 1948Anderson County, Texas F0751 THARP 
11 MCKINNEY / BRIDGES  1897Anderson County, Texas F3259 THARP 
12 MCKINNEY / KERSH  21 Dec 1882Anderson County, Texas F0671 THARP 
13 MCKINNEY / LOTT  18 Sep 1900Anderson County, Texas F3264 THARP 
14 MCKINNEY / MCKELVIN  30 Jul 1870Anderson County, Texas F0688 THARP 
15 MCKINNEY / MILES  10 Dec 1906Anderson County, Texas F3288 THARP 
16 MCLEN / MCKINNEY  Dec 1908Anderson County, Texas F0699 THARP 
17 NICHOLSON / SECKLER  21 Sep 1974Anderson County, Texas F1424 THARP 
18 O'CONNOR / KERSH  03 Aug 1974Anderson County, Texas F1037 THARP 
19 REAM / KERSH  15 Jan 1881Anderson County, Texas F0092 THARP 
20 TRIGG / MCKINNEY  23 Sep 1882Anderson County, Texas F0668 THARP 
21 TRIGG / THOMAS  03 May 1968Anderson County, Texas F2903 THARP 
22 WARD / ASHLEY  3 Apr 1904Anderson County, Texas F0689 THARP 
23 WEIR / MCKINNEY  15 Sep 1904Anderson County, Texas F0484 THARP 

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